How to register a .bit account using my email, Twitter, etc.?

.bit has integrated Torus. You don’t need to have a wallet first. And you can take your decentralized identity in Web3.0 with your social media account. You can also pay with Apple Pay, Debit, Credit card etc.

In Torus, you can create a wallet via Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Apple ID, Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Line and email, and deposit the digital currency with Apple Pay, Debit, Credit Card and more.

How do I register .bit with my email, Twitter, etc.?

Step 1: Choose a login method

Log in Torus with your Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, Apple ID, Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Line or your email address. After you log in, Torus will automatically create an ETH address for you.

Step 2: Top up in Torus

Click on the Torus icon in the bottom right corner of the page to open the Torus Wallet, or go directly to the Torus Wallet Management page.

You can top up in multiple ways.

Method 1: Transfer tokens from the exchange

Go to the transfer page, click and copy your address. Then withdraw tokens from the exchange (e.g. Binance) to the address.

Method 2: Buy crypto via credit card, debit card, etc.

Click on “Top up” to enter the top up page. Select the top up method you want to use to buy ETH.

Step 3: Go back to the .bit DApp and register your favorite .bit

Once you have finished topping up, go back to the .bit DApp, select your preferred account, select ETH payment, and sign. Next, just wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the chain. It takes about 5 minutes.

Manage your . bit account

Once you have registered, you can manage your .bit account in “My”.


How do I switch chains in Torus?

.bit is a cross-chain decentralized identity system in Web 3.0. It now supports ETH, BNB chain, Polygon, Tron addresses. Payment methods include ETH, BNB, TRX, MATIC, CKB, etc.

So if you want to register .bit via BNB, you can switch the chain to BNB chain in your Torus and top up BNB to your Torus wallet. The switching steps are as follows.

Click “Settings” to enter the settings page. In the “Network” section, switch to the chain you want to use.

After changing, just log in .bit DApp again.