Let's talk about DAS

Let’s talk freely about DAS :star_struck:

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I believe this is a great project created on within the Nervos Network blockchain.



Let’s build this great project together :cowboy_hat_face:

I feel like I found a secret lil’ club hahahaha.

I was actually wondering though: Are any of the proposed use cases listed on the da.systems homepage actually being developed or are they just ideas of what COULD be done with DAS in the future? I LOVE the idea of being able to use one name for messaging AND your domain AND your wallets…this is really cool.

Also it is REALLY hard to find information about this whole thing online so we must be reeeeeally early! I feel special :laughing:

Yes brother, the features you see listed on the home page of our website are the tasks we are developing or will develop in the future, the DAS team knows exactly what our next move is, thank you very much for discovering us from the vast world of the Internet, it must be destined, believe me, we will have more interactions in the future.

Hey Josh, how do I amend fixed price in the DAS marketplace please?

Hi, you can click your avatar and check your accounts which are on sale.