Stolen .bit?

Hello new here, I bought and created a .bit recently and linked it to what I thought was my twitter handle, and turns out it was someone elses. Now they have apparently registered it??? Now I am locked out even tho some of my wallet addresses are linked. Am I missing something or have I inadvertently made a fatal error and someone has now stolen and taken over this das.bit address. Not sure what they could with it. What are my options to retrieve if any and what could they possibly do to harm me? Any info will be appreciated, not sending any keys or info to anyone, so potential scammers and trolls be dont.

First of all, as long as your wallet private key is not leaked, your DAS account is safe. At present, according to your description, my understanding is that you have added a parsing record to your DAS account, which is linked to your Twitter address, but the address is entered incorrectly. In fact, you can continue to change you parsing records.
Of course, this is just my understanding of your description. I hope you can add some screenshots with a detailed description, so that I can understand what your current specific problem is.

Thank you for your response and was actually coming to say that I figured out my mistake. I had originally used one browser to register and do everything and when I went back I had accidentally used another browser that had a different wallet address attached. I was able to get in and change the twitter handle attached. Apologies for any insinuation, otherwise my experience has been great.

You’re welcome, it’s good to be able to find a solution to the problem, and have a nice day :sunny: