Thanks for your support of DAS/感谢大家对DAS的支持

After the official launch last night, over 3,000 .bit accounts were successfully registered in 4 hours!
As a veteran webmaster and domain player, we are proud to say that this registration volume is already higher than the entire registration volume of many real top-level domains, but we know that this is just a starting point, after all, the journey of DAS is a sea of stars!



I feel like there must be a language mixup between Mandarin and English or maybe I’ve just never heard it: I LOVE the phrase “The journey of DAS is a sea of stars”! It has a very powerful sound to it :slight_smile: very good, thank you…er, i mean…feichang hao, xiexie! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, yes, we try to express in Chinese and English bilingually in the post, in our product page at the same time also support the Japanese, French, German and other multilingual, after all, our future is the starry sea, then we must do this basic preparation work. :cowboy_hat_face:


this is a problem but no one solve that someone’s account paid twice,just for one。