FAQ: Second-level DID Distribution Tool

Second-level DID Distribution ToolTopdid

:bulb: Second-level DID Distribution Tool is designed for the convenience of Second-level DID distribution and claiming. It supports the autonomous grouping, pricing, and purchasing of Second-level DIDs. It efficiently serves communities, DAOs, KOLs, and other scenarios with Second-level DID distribution needs.

For Second-level DID Distributors

1. How can I start using the Second-level DID Distribution Tool?

All you need is a Top-level DID account with the Second-level DID distribution feature enabled.

  • How can I enable Second-level DID distribution access for my Top-level DID?


2. What should I do if my Top-level DID is about to expire?

  • If the remaining validity of your Top-level DID is less than one year, you can mint Second-level DIDs with a maximum validity of one year.
  • If the Top-level DID is within 7 days of expiration, the manager is unable to mint Second-level DIDs.
  • When the Top-level DID expires and gets reclaimed, all its Second-level DIDs will also be reclaimed.

We recommend you to renew your Top-level DID in a timely manner to prevent it from expiring.


3. How can I set payment method for the Second-level DIDs I distribute?

Simply add a payment address labeled as “topdid.com” on your Top-level DID management page. Currently, the available payment chains are Ethereum, Tron, and BSC.


4. Is there a conflict between manually minting Second-level DIDs and automatically distributing Second-level DIDs?

Manual minting and automatic distribution do not conflict with each other. However, manual minting does not support custom pricing. You can choose either manual distribution or automatic distribution on topdid.com

  • Tutorial for manually mint Second-level DIDs:
  • Tutorial for automatically distributing Second-level DIDs:
  • Tutorial for customizing a Second-level DID minting page:

5. Where can I check the earnings from distributing Second-level DIDs?

Earnings are settled on a monthly basis and can typically be viewed in the dashboard before the 5th of each month.

For Second-level DID Claimers

1. What are the features of Second-level DID and how it helps?
Second-level DIDs are issued and suffixed by the main .bit account. Each .bit account can mint and issue its own Second-level DIDs. Second-level DIDs can be applied in various scenarios such as DAOs, fan communities, NFT communities, etc. Owning a Second-level DID represents holding an identity of a specific community, fostering stronger relationships and identity affiliation with the main account and other Second-level DIDs within the same community.

The .bit team has also introduced Voty, a community governance tool based on DID. Community Second-level DID holders can participate in community-related proposals and voting on Voty.

Learn more about Voty

2. Which cryptocurrencies are currently supported for Second-level DID payments, and how can I make a payment?

Second-level DIDs are categorized and priced by the owner/manager of the main account. Currently, payments are supported in 3 cryptocurrencies: ETH, TRX and BNB. More payment methods will be available in the future.

Tutorial on paying and renewing for Second-level DID:

3. Will the Second-level DID I own expires if the main account expires?

Yes, when the main account expires and gets reclaimed, all its Second-level DIDs will also be reclaimed.

4. Where can I see the Second-level DIDs I own?

Check your Second-level DIDs at .bit - Barrier-free DID for Every Community and Everyone.