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Is DIDTop decentralized?

Yes. DIDTop is a .bit decentralized marketplace. Like the .bit protocol, DIDTop is a smart contract that runs on the Nervos CKB, which internally only recognizes assets on Nervos CKB chain. Therefore when you purchase, sell and do other operations on DIDTop, you need to use CKB.

Does Beta mean test version, are all transactions valid?

The Beta version is not a test version, all transactions are valid and are confirmed on the mainnet. The Beta version is the first version of DIDTop and only supports the most basic functions (buy and sell), it will support more features in the near future.

Send and Receive CKB Related

Why do I need to create a CKB address first?

DIDTop is a smart contract that runs on the Nervos CKB and internally only recognises assets on the Nervos CKB. Therefore, before you use DIDTop, you need to use your ETH / BSC private key to sign and generate a CKB address that uniquely corresponds to the address. Only your ETH / BSC private key can control the CKB address, which is completely decentralized.

It is benefited by the Nervos CKB public chain on which DIDTop runs, for technical details see How BTC addresses manage assets on the CKB chain.

Why is it recommended to send at least 350 CKB?

The CKB needs to be activated before they can be used. The minimum activation amount is 350 CKB.
In addition, DIDTop is a decentralized marketplace. If you want to sell a .bit account, 201 CKB needs to be frozen (Why?). Therefore, to ensure that you can use the features of DIDTop smoothly, it is recommended that you send at least 350 CKB .

How do I sell a .bit account in non-EVM network environment?

DIDTop currently only supports .bit accounts in ETH / BSC / Polygon environment. If you have a .bit account in Tron / DOGE environment, you can manage your .bit and transfer its ownership to your ETH / BNB / MATIC address. (There is no fee for transferring ownership.) You can then log in DIDTop.

Why does the CKB I sent needs to be activated and is the activation process secure?

This is due to the underlying implementation of the contract. All CKB sent will be transferred to a secure transit address first. Activation is the process of transferring the CKB from this transit address to the address associated with the .bit trading contract. The activation operation, and your account balance, are under the control of your private key.

My CKB cannot be activated and I am advised to change wallets, what should I do?

DIDTop is a decentralized marketplace, so if you use the same address, the CKB balance in DIDTop will be the same regardless of which wallet you are using.
If you are unable to activate the CKB, you can import the address into another wallet, go to DIDTop in the DApp browser and click on Activate to continue the process. We recommend using TokenPocket and MetaMask wallets.

Buy and sell related

What is the sales expiry time?

Only .bit accounts that are in normal use can be sold. Therefore, if a .bit account has expired, it will be automatically delisted from the marketplace. The sales expiry time is the time when the .bit account expires.

Why do it is necessary to freeze 201 CKBs to sell a .bit account?

When .bit is listed on the marketplace, its info needs to be stored on the blockchain. Storage space is required to store the data, which requires a deposit of CKB. When the account is delisted or purchased, the corresponding storage space will be released and CKB will be automatically refunded.

How is the fee calculated?

The fee is 3.5% of each sale.

Why can’t I sell my .bit account?

CKB balance is insufficient or .bit account has expired.
To sell a .bit account, you need to freeze 201 CKB. Please make sure your CKB balance is greater than 350 before selling your .bit account. DIDTop is a decentralized marketplace and interaction with the contract requires a balance of at least 350 CKB.

Can I get my .bit account storage deposit back after it has been sold?

No. Only when a .bit account expires and is reclaimed, the corresponding storage space will be released, and the storage deposit CKB will be refunded to the account owner. Selling a .bit is only a transfer of the ownership of the .bit. Therefore, storage deposit will not be refunded after it has been sold.

Can I still manage on a .bit account that is being sold?

No. .bit Accounts that are on sale are in a special status and cannot be operated except for renewal and delisting.

Will the records of my .bit be automatically cleared after it is sold?

Currently, the records of .bit are not cleared after a sale. We recommend that you clear all records before selling your .bit.

I have bought a .bit account, will the expiry time be extended by one year?

Selling a .bit is only a transfer of the ownership of the .bit. The expiry time of the .bit account will not change.

If multiple people purchase the same .bit account at the same time, will I get a refund if I fail to purchase?

Yes, it will. If multiple people purchase the same account at the same time, the first transaction to be confirmed will purchase successfully. Failed purchases will be refunded automatically.

Why can I view/manage/sell my .bit accounts even when I switch to BSC network if I registered .bit accounts with my ETH address?

Thanks to the best feature of .bit - cross-chain capability! You can view/manage/sell all .bit accounts owned by the same address.


Does DIDTop have a referral program?

There is a rebate mechanism in DIDTop. You can click any account in the marketplace and sharing your exclusive invitation link. If someone visits DIDTop via your exclusive link and purchases a .bit account, you will receive 1% of the cost of each sale.

How do I check my referral commission?

The referral commission will be automatically awarded to your account balance through the .bit trading contract. You can check and withdraw in the balance page.

Why don’t I get a rebate bonus?

The exclusive invitation link will contain the information about a .bit account under your address. Please ensure that you have logged in DIDTop and have at least 1 .bit account before clicking on “Share to Earn”, otherwise the exclusive invitation link will not be generated and you can’t get the commission bonus.

Are the inviter/channel reward centralized and why are they added to my balance only after a certain amount is reached?

Due to the unique Cell model of CKB, the rewards are added to your balance only after a certain amount is reached.

Can I earn commissions only if I share an account that I have sold?

No. Sharing any account in the marketplace is valid. As long as the buyer purchases a .bit account through your exclusive invitation link, you will receive 1% of the cost of each sale.


What is Nervos CKB?

The Nervos Network is made up of a number of protocols and innovations. Learn more

What should I do if I can’t receive the verification code when I bind my email?

If you haven’t received the email, please try the following:
• Make sure the email address you provided is correct.
• Check your Spam or Junk mail folders.
• Add CCTip to your email address whitelist.
• Change email provider.
• Make sure your email is functioning normally.

It is not recommended to use any hardware wallet except Ledger and the latest version of OneKey. Why?

Since most hardware wallets have compatibility issues, you may not be able to manage or use your .bit. We suggest that you use wallets such as MetaMask, imToken, TokenPocket, etc.