Polygon network confirm transaction but das status still registering

I bought a dapp at polygon network for 2 years and paid fee in matic and transaction confirmed in a flash of seconds but my das account status payment pending and looklike stuck there… All is done perfectly but still status is registering…

Kindly help needed
I register domain name

Wallet address

Help needed

Hi, Mbawan. There is a problem and it is now fixed. Btw, which wallet app do you use?

I use matic network and my wallet address is


Still status is registering or confirming payment. But I fact payment is done in seconds and confirmed by polygon network.
Hash is

What is solution ??

Hi, can you tell me which wallet App you are using? SafePal? MetaMask? imToken? Trust? or others?

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As the problem fixed from backend my issue resolved . I m using bitkeep wallet and thats good wallet. My issue is fixed. Thanks

go back to report to bit them down wall again