Written before the launch of DAS

In a few hours, DAS will officially open for registration (2021-07-22 20:00 UTC+8). The first real cross-chain decentralized account system will be born. DAS team has been endeavoring to make this moment happen. Many friends of ours have offered their selfless help and the community has been looking forward to it for a long time. In the hours leading up to the launch, as the development team of DAS, we would like to take this opportunity to explain some of our thoughts.

A Fair Launch

First of all, we would like to talk about what we have done to ensure a fair launch. Being the infrastructure in Web3.0, DAS accounts enjoy economic characteristics of non-exclusivity and competitiveness. Therefore, they are typical public resources, which makes fairness in their distribution a very important issue. But we should also be clear that there is no absolute outcome fairness. All we can do is to pursue process fairness, and we have taken many measures to this end.

1. Disseminate information on DAS’s launch

About a month before the official launch of DAS, we had started to announce the official launch time through media, social networks, and communities. We introduced our product as well as the public test environment. We also joined forces with our wallet partners to introduce DAS in their channels in advance.

2. Leave no advantages for DAS development team

The biggest advantage we have as DAS development team is information: we know exactly when DAS is going to launch, if the main network contract has been deployed, where it is deployed, etc. Yet to ensure a fair launch, we must give up that advantage. We promise that DAS development team cannot register meaningful DAS accounts earlier than any other users. We set a switch inside the contract to initiate registration. The switch stayed off ever after the team had made sure the mainnet contract functioned well. It will not be turned on until the agreed official time for registration (2021-07-22 20:00 UTC+8). Therefore, nobody can register DAS account before the official registration time.

In fact, this is not just a verbal promise, but an established fact. The blockchain is open and transparent, allowing anyone to verify that no meaningful DAS account was registered by the development team before 2021-07-22 20:00 (UTC+8) by tracking down the on-chain transactions.

3. Open up accounts for registration phase by phase

We started spreading the information on DAS’s launch a long time ago, but it’s clearly not enough. It takes more time for more people to know about DAS even after DAS’s launch. It is unwise and unfair to open up all accounts for registration at one time when DAS is not influential enough. Therefore, we decided to gradually open up DAS accounts.


The time when an account is available for registration depends on the value of the account, deciding by the calculation of a publicly available algorithm. You can search for an account on the registration page to see if the account is open for registration. Given the current registration rule, you may find that your preferred account is always not open for registration, which can be very annoying. We hope you will understand the original intent of this rule.

We have received the following feedback from some users: why is the registration rule so harsh, or that the development team is so petty that they don’t open up all accounts because they want to keep all the valuable accounts to themselves! Such feedback arises from the conflict between individual interest and collective interest. In response, we need to make our position clear:

  • As the builder and maintainer of DAS, the DAS development team’s priority is always the overall interest of the DAS ecosystem. We advocate process fairness when it comes to account registration.
  • The accounts that are not yet open up for registration do not belong to anyone in the DAS team, and will be open up for registration for users in due course.

4.A delay caused by an accident

In fact, by 21 July, 2021 we have completed the deployment of the contract on the mainnet and finished the test-run of the mainnet functionality. However, the registration switch was not turned off in time and a user found the registration portal. He was able to register three DAS accounts four hours earlier than the scheduled time. We are very grateful that this user told us about this privately and did not publicize the information. However, this pre-registration undermined the fairness for the whole DAS system. For this reason, we had to start all over again—redeployed the contract and rechecked the mainnet function. This is the reason why we rescheduled the official registration time from 21, July to 22, July.

The First :100:

As mentioned earlier, to guarantee fairness, the development team could not register any meaningful DAS accounts earlier than anyone else. The word “meaningful” was repeatedly emphasized because we had to register some DAS accounts in advance. The reason for this is that:

  • We needed to test-run the functionality of mainnet before the registration was officially started.

  • Based on the how the DAS system works, at the very beginning of registration, there would be cell preemption due to very few registered accounts, resulting in very bad registration experience. Learn more about the Cell Preemption.

To do this, we registered 100 accounts in advance, and they are:

thefirst💯registeredbydevteamtoensuredassuccessfullylaunched00.bit ~ thefirst💯 registeredbydevteamtoensuredassuccessfullylaunched99.bit.

To achieve a balance between fairness and mainnet functionality test, we figured out many solutions. Finally, with everything considered, registering 100 specially-named accounts not wanted by any users beat others as the best solution.

We completed the test of the mainnet functionality by registering precisely these 100 accounts, and then we turned off the registration switch. Anyone can verify, by backtracking transactions on blockchain, that no DAS accounts except for the above-mentioned 100 were registered before 2021-07-22 20:00 UTC+8.

Launch is just a beginning

The first version of DAS, which goes live today, enjoys the following features:

  • [New] accounts with 10+ digits 100% opened for registration; accounts with 5-9 digits 5% opened for registration

  • [New] account registration using ETH / TRX addresses

  • [New] payment via ETH / TRX / CKB

  • [New] transferring Owner / Manager

  • [New] adding, deleting, changing and checking records

  • [New] setting dozens of public chain addresses and dozens of social accounts as records

  • [New] opening source code

  • [New] providing js-sdk; providing parsing service

  • [New] the first DAS application—bit.cc

The public registration of DAS is just a beginning. Although we have done a lot of preparation and testing, we know that there may still be problems when the product is put into use. Thank you all for your understanding. You can contact us via DAS talk, Twitter,

Discord if you find any problems, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that CKB prices will not increase immediately after DAS accounts are open for registration; your DAS account will not sell for a good price and make you rich in the short term. These are not matters of concern to us. We believe that the real value of DAS accounts lies in DAS’s role as an infrastructure.

The focus of the DAS team is to make DAS better through:

  • reliability—ensuring that the DAS system is stable and reliable;

  • usability—enabling registration for DAS with more public chain addresses and email addresses;

  • usefulness—cooperating with developers for more useful applications based on DAS; making DAS available to users in more existing products.

Open Source

“DAS is to the crypto world as Email/Mobile phone number is to the Internet” is the vision of DAS. In order to achieve this vision, the components of DAS must be open source. We will release the full contract code of DAS as well as some related supporting tools on DAS · GitHub a few minutes before the public registration is open. We look forward to joining hands with developers around the world to realize our vision together.


We’ll be sending a transaction on 2021-07-22 at 20:00 UTC+8 to turn on the registration switch for DAS. Let’s witness the launch of DAS together.

Drafted on 2021.07.21